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    ◆Our History
    Shenzhen Laipu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, China on April 8, 2018. Because Shenzhen has the complete supply chain, there are many and comprehensive professional material manufacturers. We need not worry about the supply of materials. Just fully integrate our ideas and concepts into product design. Technological companies help us design circuits and write software. PCBA plate factory do the PCBA SMT for us. Plastic factory do injection moulds for us. Hardware factories provide us with hardware accessories, electroplating factories offer us plating, and so on. We are only responsible for design, test, assembly, quality control and delivery products to customers. Isn’t Apple’s biggest factory Foxconn originally set up in Shenzhen?
    At the beginning of our establishment, we focused on intelligence. Earlier products were mainly used to remotely control a large number of display advertisers, to broadcast content through the APP of 3G mobile phones.Until 2014, we realized that it was impossible for a person has only his brain, his hands, his feet and his body are very important. So we began to enter the LED display advertising industry.
    Our products are characterized by simplicity, easy installation and maintenance. Because of its simplicity and strong stability, our quality warranty is 3 years. Simple and intelligent is our design target.
    Our Products Include
    Indoor led display
    Outdoor led display
    Portable led display
    Far led display
    Single color led display
    Advertise led display
    Exhibition led board
    Signboard led display
    Core Value
    Grow up with suppliers, customers and employees, to create enough space for everyone’s development
    “Quality first, delivery in time, effective and share.”
    ◆Our Factory
    With 10 engineers, 26 worker, 8 QC and 6000m2 factory, we can meet most all the customers requirement. These are not the key factors. The 6 LED SMT automatic production lines is important. The most important factor is the supply chain.
    Generally speaking, the led beads cost of the LED display is about 30%. with this rate, the warranty can be 1 year. Under this rate, the warranty must be under one year. Our rate is 52.6%, our warranty is 3 years.
    Power is also very important, but you can maintain them with good temperature and good condition. The life will be lengthened. The same with display card.
    ◆Our Product
    ndoor led display—Small space between lights and close view distance, with low brightness and no need waterproof. The life will be longer than outdoor LED display.
    Outdoor led display—Big space between lights and far view distance, with high brightness and waterproof. The life will be shorter the other case led display. So some customers install a air conditioner in the LED display to lengthen the life.Generally speaking, the life can reach 7–10 years if you take care them good.
    Portable led display—Small and slim LED display. Nearly all the parts are in one PCB board. Only indoor display. There are some display, you can put them on your cloth and the Power bank is the power supply.
    Far led display—To be brightness and show you out of competitors,especially in big city, the brightness can be 8000cd/m2. Nearly 40 times of ordinary LCD display.
    Single color led display—one kind of color to show some notification.
    Advertise led display—Show video to attract attention
    Exhibition led board—Die cast aluminum often, easy install and easy disassemble for short time show
    Signboard led display—Show your LOGO, company name,shop name…
    ◆Product Application
    Community media
    Gas station
    Hotel leasing
    Building curtain wall
    Bar night
    Theme Park
    Smart city
    Smart factory
    Military field
    ◆Our Certificate
    With ISO9001 and ISO14001, our materials are with CE, FCC, UL, Rohs, and ordinary certification.
    ◆Production Equipment
    LED automatic SMT machines 12 unit
    Oven 6 units
    Integrating sphere 1 unit
    Test computer 6 units
    ◆Production Market
    With high quality products, good reputation, high quality service, we have gotten customers around the world. The main market are Europe, America, Mid-east and south of Asia. The last year turnover is 20 million USD.
    ◆Our Service
    Pre-sale service: sales provide customers with relevant LED display knowledge, guide customers to choose the most suitable model for their needs, and master their use and maintenance methods. Through pre-sale service, customers can acquire additional intangible knowledge. Just help customers understand the goods, increase the knowledge of the goods.
    In-sales service: respect customers, active service. The main contents include providing technical consulting for customers, confirming users’ needs and providing complete solutions for customers.
    After-sales service: provide customers with various kinds of parts to make the parts play their due role and facilitate customers after they purchase their LED display. Such as delivery, installation and commissioning, door-to-door maintenance, supply of spare parts, consulting and answering, implementation of the refund system and so on.Stadium Led Screens manufacturers